5 Places Pokémon Go Players Shouldn’t Miss: A Quick Guide to the Best Pokéstops in Muscatine

Pokémon Go has swept the nation! It seems like everybody’s playing this new augmented reality game. Muscatine is surely seeing its fair share of players  — even our CVB director is committed to catching them all! What’s not to love about exploring new places and getting intimately acquainted with their hidden treasures while leveling up as a Pokémon trainer and taking over a gym or two?

We want to share some of Muscatine’s best Pokéstops and Pokéstop areas with you, so that you can make the most out of your playing time here!

1) Downtown

Muscatine Iowa Downtown
Downtown is bursting with Pokémon and Pokéstops, as well as a couple of gyms! (Horsea, Drowzee, Clefairy, Weepinbell, Tauros, Machoke, and Jynx are just some of the Pokémon that have been captured in downtown Muscatine.)

The Muscatine History and Industry Center is one of our downtown Pokéstops. The Center tells the story of Muscatine’s rich history in entrepreneurship and innovation. The entire ground level is dedicated to the Pearl Button Museum, which contains multiple incredible interactive displays that allow you to step back into the time when Muscatine was the Pearl Button Capital of the World.
Muscatine Iowa Missipi Brew
The Missipi Brew, a popular local bar and live music venue, is another downtown Pokéstop. You can drop a lure then grab a drink while you catch all the Pokemon that appear in the Brew’s awesome space and friendly atmosphere. It’s an especially popular stop among players because it’s very close to another Pokéstop, so both stops often have lures placed on them already, meaning you’ll be able to catch twice the Pokémon there.











Don’t forget to shop in our unique downtown shops while you’re here! And if you stay a while, you’ll have the chance to grab a bite to eat not only at the Brew, but at any of our other numerous locally owned restaurants, all within walking distance of each other.  If you let the Pokéstops lead you, you’ll find some of our best offerings — and you may even find a place to charge your phone.

2) RiverfrontMuscatine Iowa Mississippi Mist Fountain

Just a block away from downtown, the Muscatine’s riverfront is full of Pokéstops, too! The Mississippi Mist Fountain, pictured above, is one of those stops, making it a great place to cool off and gear up at the same time! We encourage you to take advantage of the fountain’s splash pad by walking right in under the spray — just be sure to dress appropriately.

Close by, the Mississippi Harvest Statue is also a Pokéstop, as is the boat dock, where you can see the Pearl Button Paddlewheel — the only authentic sidewheeler currently in operation in the entire United States — docked during the summer. Pearl City Station right next to the boat dock is also a Pokéstop.

These Pokéstops are just downriver from two Gyms, so grab what you need here and at even more riverfront Pokéstops, then go battle for your team!

3) The Muscatine Art CenterMuscatine Art Center Muscatine Iowa

The Muscatine Art Center is home to a collection totaling over 30,000 individual objects — including a number of works of art by famed artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall and Grant Wood — and it has two Pokéstops, one in front on Mulberry Avenue and one in back on Cedar Street.

The Center is partially housed in the Musser Mansion, a 1908 Colonial Revival built for Laura Musser, heiress to a Muscatine lumber industry fortune. Period rooms on the main floor feature artifacts, furnishings, painted portraits, photographs, tableware, and other items belonging to Laura Musser. The Center also boasts a 1929 Japanese Garden, one of very few remaining in the United States. You can enjoy the garden as you walk from one Pokéstop to the other and don’t forget to go inside, as the Center’s staff has been reporting Pokémon sightings!

4) Public Art

Muscatine Iowa Guadalajara

Muscatine is full of murals and other public art and many of them were chosen for Pokéstops, including the mural pictured above at the back of locally owned restaurant Guadalajara. Drop a lure and have a seat to catch Pokémon and enjoy their delicious food. You’ll be right downtown and just one block from the riverfront, so you can stop by the other Pokéstops we’ve mentioned after your meal!

Muscatine Iowa Mississippi MuralThere’s another Pokéstop at the mural pictured to the right, which happens to be right across the street from Muscatine’s brand new Little Caesars — catch some Pokémon and grab a slice or two! This Pokéstop is a block from two other murals that have been designated as Pokéstops, too, (as well as the Pokéstop at our Hy-Vee Mainstreet).

5) Weed ParkMuscatine Iowa Weed Park

Weed Park is one of many gems in Muscatine’s park system and is a must visit for Pokémon hunters, with several Pokéstops placed in the park’s unique features.

Muscatine Iowa Weed Park Zoo Garden Peacock
There are multiple Pokéstops in the Zoo Garden within Weed Park. Meander around the metal animal sculptures on the beautiful hill where Muscatine’s zoo used to stand and you’ll find plenty, including one at the peacock statue pictured above.
Muscatine Iowa Weed Park Rose Garden
Cross the street from the Zoo Garden to the Rose Garden, pictured above, and see what you can catch amidst the many varieties and colors of our beautiful flowers.


Get some walking in to hatch your eggs on your way down the hill to the Aquatic Center. You’ll pass several Pokéstops to get to the Aquatic Center’s stop — feel free to take a dip while you’re there!

Once you’ve hit the Aquatic Center, you’ll be close to Weed Park’s three-acre lagoon, which has a gym where you can test your skills. Boost your XP by stopping by the Pokéstops on the hill again on your way back up under the shade of the park’s many trees. Enjoy the breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable, as well as the company of the many others who are hunting in the park!


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